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It is usually defined as a person who identifies a business opportunity and decides to organize the resources to implement it. Starting a business generates uncertainty, at first it is not known very well if the idea can succeed or not, you only have the desire and vision of how the product would be (good or service). Read progconcepts.com for a critique

The most important thing about a business idea is that it is clear, that it knows what is going to be offered and identifies what will be the differentiator that will make people acquire the product or if it is something new in the market, to know which segment We are directed.

Investment plan

After having clear ideas, the second most important step is an investment plan. This plan is the one that will be presented to potential investors or partners and among other things, shows the possible profitability that will be taken in a given time. In order to prepare an investment plan and structure your business idea well, here is a guide that will help you.

You must be very clear about your objectives

When you present a potential investor with your business, you must be very sure that it is what you want to offer as a product or experience for the consumer, the investor wants to know what you will do with his money.

Strategy to follow


Since you know what your goal is you must design how you will get it, that is, what components your product will use, how you are going to market it, what you plan to do so that people buy you, etc.

Financial Expectations


You must project what your costs, expenses, future sales and the profit from the sales you will get will be. Take into account that the benefits are not profits that go to your pocket, it is money that is reinvested in the business and you can take up to 3 years to reach your breakeven point.

These are the three axes that you should use to develop your investment plan and present it either for you to have a clear idea yourself or for investors to see the potential of your business.

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